New Year’s Resolution


I know what you may think… “Yeah, right! This is just another New Year’s resolution”

And it might be. But personally I see myself as a very determined person, who sticks to my goals. So here they are.. my list for 2016:

  1. Go fully vegan. This is something that I have thought a whole lot about these past few months. I have now been vegetarian for about two months, but I really wish to become an official vegan. For those who does not know, a vegan is a person who only eats plant-based food, which means they don’t eat dairy, eggs and of course meat. If you want to know my reasons behind going vegan, let me know, or check out my newly made tumblr!
  2. Run a half marathon. I love running and I really want to achieve something big this year. Currently I am in really bad shape, but I could probably run a 5k if I wanted. I have already ran a 10k, so why not take the next step and run a half marathon?
  3. Updating this blog frequently. I want to spend more time on this blog, and make it my baby. I really want to turn it into something that I can be proud of.

Those are the big three. Have a happy new year (and Christmas)!