When school is cancelled, what is the best thing you could do? Shopping of course!

After a brunch with some of my favorite girls, we went shopping for some hours. And in this time period I found my newest buy.

This playsuit is from Monki, and I absolutely love it! It really brings out the best of your body, and it is really comfortable as well.

IMG_8432 IMG_8435 IMG_8484

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The Turtle Neck

It is a new season, which means new inspiration everywhere. And why not start a new blog while your filled with inspiration? After London Fashion Week, I have had this desire to share my love for fashion as well. I made this blog a couple months ago, but never really took the time to work on it. I want this blog to be well thought out, well written and professional. So let’s start of with some fashion, shall we?

Fall means cooler weather, which means warmer clothing. And as much as I just want to put on a big warm jumper, on those dark monday mornings, I feel like it would be too bad to waste such a great season on those easy skips.

Turtle necks are my big obsession this season. They are so comfortable, keeps you warm, and they even make you look more fashionable. Here are some of my current favorites:

image1xxlSanella t-n short dress 3111, BLACKCLOSE by DENIM The Knitted Polo

// 1. ASOS // 2. Samsøe Samsøe // 3. Close by Denim //

See you soon!